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Getting to Your Promised Land

When the Israelites left slavery in Egypt and headed into the desert, they thought they were going to a better place, a promised land full of blessing. Indeed, if the story from Exodus is accurate (and I believe it is), then the people, including Moses and Aaron, believed there was something better, something good, even something blessed awaiting them. Once they arrived at the Jordan River, they sent twelve spies into the land to see what it was like.

Ten spies returned and said the land was indeed wonderful, but the inhabitants were too big and too strong for the Israelites to conquer. This report frightened the people and they refused to take on the challenge. As a result, they wandered in the wilderness for forty years until the only ones left alive from the original group were the two spies who said the land was good. Everyone else missed out on the blessing of the Promised Land, even Moses and Aaron.

God had something good for the people of Israel, but most of them missed it. God has something good for you too, so do not miss out on the blessing!. Too often we see the challenges we face as being insurmountable and undefeatable. We choose to walk away and then wander through our lives wondering why we never got the go