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Axiomatic Thoughts

What do you believe to be true? How much of what you believe is demonstrably provable? We believe that people love us and we prove it by listing the actions they have taken that we believe are loving. So, take it back a step. What actions are loving? How can you prove that they are loving? Can those actions be performed without love? We can believe many things, but can we know anything?

These types of questions are difficult to answer but necessary to find what we believe, especially the things we believe but we cannot prove. The things we believe but cannot prove are axioms. Identifying your axioms is an essential part of learning why you believe what you believe and why you reject some arguments out of hand while accepting others without blinking.

An axiom is something that is accepted as true or something believed to be self-evident. Axioms exist in mathematics, logic, philosophy, and science. Axioms are a starting point; a place to begin developing thoughts. Yet, not everyone holds the same beliefs to be axiomatic.