1. Pray every day. Prayer and meditation relaxes the mind and spirit. Talking to God is a way to connect spiritually with the source of all power. Through prayer, lives can be changed, relationships can be healed, and you can find strength to keep going on your journey.

2. Attend the church of your choice at least twice a month. There are all kinds of churches for all kinds of people. Find one that fits you and your family. If music inspires you, find one with great music. If small group discussions excite you, find one with groups for everyone in your family. Make sure the church has a positive message and uplifting people. Remember, not all churches teach the same things.

3. Read. There are thousands of books about spiritual life. Find one. If you like it, read it two or three more times. Take notes. Apply all that you can from what you have read to your daily life. If you want to read the Bible, find a translation that you can understand and read about the life of Jesus and his followers. I recommend the God’s Word translation (GW). You may be surprised at the insights you gain.

4. Use the Buddy System. Find another person who will go on a spiritual journey with you. Share your thoughts, your doubts, your hopes, and your questions with this person. Then listen as they share their thoughts, doubts, hopes, and questions with you. Practice listening. Through listening, you will gain understanding.

5. Practice journaling. Writing about your spiritual journey can greatly improve your spiritual awareness. Write 5-7 days a week in a regular notebook. A diary records what you experience, but a journal records what you learn from what you experience. Every once in a while go back and read some of your earlier entries. It may reveal direction, growth, and common themes to pursue.

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